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Our window cleaning

Window cleaning is our specialty!

Since 2005, We have thankfully serviced over 4,000 individual homes and businesses and cleaned over ONE MILLION WINDOWS!!!

Wojcik window washing was the very first window cleaning or gutter cleaning company to be featured on groupon.com or Livingsocial.com .

We are a top rated company on thumbtack.com and won the super service award from Angieslist.com

 There is a huge difference between a professional window cleaner and someone who cleans windows.

We would love to show you the difference.

We offer regular scheduling or one time visits. 

New construction, Low-E, stained glass, Leaded glass, storm windows, sun rooms....we clean them all.

Click link below to schedule your window cleaning. 

Traditional window cleaning

This cleaning method is the most common here in America and is the oldest form of Window cleaning.

It utilizes squeegee's and rags to clean windows with ladders or extension poles.

Our 7 step process ensures that the glass itself is perfectly clean and the sill and frame is wiped with a rag. This removes bird droppings, spider webs and built up dirt.  The glass is scrubbed, squeegee'ed and dried to a dazzling shine that neighbors will notice and you will appreciate. 

Pure water fed window cleaning

This cleaning method originated in Europe where ladder safety laws make it nearly illegal to clean windows from a ladder.  It not only provides the best cleaning for the entire window glass, frame and sill...its also our safest method of window cleaning.

Water fed window cleaning utilizes purified water that has absolutely no contaminants, soaps, detergents or chemicals. Using brushes, we scrub and then rinse the entire window glass, frame and sill.

Benefits of Pure water fed cleaning:

* Frame and sills are as clean as the glass.

* Flushes out the tracks, removing debris and dead bugs from the crevices that are too small for hand cleaning.  

* No chemicals, detergents or soaps to harm grass or plants below.

* No left behind rag marks, edge smears or squeegee lines.

* Windows dry spot free.

* No chance of damaging any part of the house including windows, frames, shutters or siding.

* No chance of damaging any landscaping, flowers, or gardens with ladder feet.

* Ability to clean windows that are hard to access from a ladder or by hand. 

* Windows safely cleaned from the ground with a telescopic pole. 

* Workers work safely from the ground with no chance of a ladder fall or mishap.

Here is a video demonstration of our water fed system in action.

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